OXYtarm® - Give Yourself A Healthy Digestive System
To feel happy and healthy, it is essential that you have a healthy digestive system. When your digestive system is
functioning properly your body is able to utilise the nutrients you get through the food you eat. When the stomach is
upset you may feel bloated and unwell, you loose energy and if the digestive issues do not stop, your hair and skin
quality may suffer.

Oxytarm is a food supplement that helps to keep your stomach functioning properly, which enables you to absorb
more nutrients and will make you feel better, giving you more energy and improving the quality of your hair and skin.

To help loose weight you can use Oxytarm to thoroughly clean and empty your intestinal tracts when you start dieting.

Rapid Colon Cleanser
Oxytarm Fruit & Fibre Plum is nutritional
supplement that speeds up the digestive system. It contains Umeboshi which is a pickled Japanese apricot. The Umeboshi can be considered as both the aspirin and  the apple of the Far East. This fruit is an excellent hangover for "morning after" aid.

In Asia "one umeboshi a day" is regarded to be the best preventive "medicine" there is. The natural content of citric acid in the fruit neutralises tiredness, stimulates the digestion and helps remove toxins from the body.

Oxytarm Fruit & Fiber Plum is therefore
a highly effective laxative developed for people who need an effective colon cleanser more occasionally.

Colon Cleanse with Enzymes
Digestive ailments are a widespread
problem nowadays. Common symptoms
of indigestion include bloating, flatulence, loose stools, diffused abdominal pain, heartburn, food allergy and food intolerance.

Oxytarm Enzymes, made from three patented ingredients, is a complete enzyme and lactic acid bacteria complex that helps to improve
digestion and create a balance in your gastro-intestinal tract.

Enzymes are usually supplied through
the food we eat, but many argue that
the current processing of food reduces
or removes these essential enzymes.

This product thus supplements the
enzymes our body needs.
Every capsule contains natural vegetable enzymes extracted from 28 different fruits and vegetables.