Established in 1984, Immitec is one of the first evidence-based consumer health and medical supplement companies in the Scandinavian region. Understanding human health at cellular and physiological level and how nutrient composition affects them is our passion.

Immitec is an international company, headquartered in Tønsberg (Norway). Through our comprehensive and innovative range of portfolio that encompasses self-prescribed consumer health and medical nutrition brands recommended by healthcare professionals, we target the distinct nutritional requirements of thousands of people daily. 


We currently have subsidiaries and representative offices in Norway, Sweden and Finland, United Kingdom and the Middle East that have serviced the hundreds of thousands of customers we have in over 40 countries around the world.

Scandinavia is famous for producing nutritional supplements to an exacting standard in an environment of purity and precision. We are proud to source the highest quality ingredients and we produce all of our products to the highest manufacturing standard.

All of our products are specifically designed with the sole intent of providing you with affordable effective solutions to make you feel better and increase your vitality and over all well-being.


We are a company dedicated to a mission: developing and commercializing products that address Innovative needs in clinical nutrition. Our mission is to help society feel better, live healthier and achieve more. And in this way we broaden and accomplish our mission to bring health through nutrition to the greatest number of people. We focus on advancing the role of nutrition and innovating in our established core areas: Consumer healthcare and medical nutrition.

For this purpose, we combine our understanding of the role of nutrition in disease prevention and management with the evolved science about how nutrients single and combined, can impact human health at cellular and physiological levels to develop and successfully market innovative nutritional supplements for unmet clinical needs - with potential greater curative effect.


To be among world's top admired and trusted nutritional healthcare companies. Such vision provides a foundation of inspiration for our employees to:

• Help people feel better, live healthier and achieve more.

• Provide best-in-class science-based consumer health and medical nutrition products that yield clear health benefits.

We commend ourselves to offer differentiated products based on scientific strictness, sound ethics and highest safety profile and every day represents a fresh opportunity to live our mission. This is why we come to work every day. We will continue to work with leading scientists & suppliers to provide the best documented and most effective products manufactured according to quality excellence. Our commercial target is to become one of the leading Scandinavian healthcare companies with distribution of our major brands in Europe and in other parts of the world.

Yours sincerely,

Jan Johansen