A recently concluded study gave the results shown in the graph. The participants did not change their diets or exercise habits during these studies, but had 3 cups of Coffee Slender daily. 50 volunteers participated, both men and women. All between the age of 18-65. All suffererd from slight overweight (BMI between 25-30).

The Slimming Coffee
After water, coffee is the most common beverage in the entire western world. Coffee Slender is a food supplement that consists of savoury freeze dried coffee and Svetol®, a patented extract. Svetol® consists of concentrated chlorogenic acid extracted from the green coffee bean and can help you loose weight.

The effect of the chlorogenic acid has been documented in various studies. It inhibits the body's absorption of glucose and contributes to a balanced blood sugar profile, resulting in a decrease in the body's production of insulin. Insulin is vital for the body's ability to transform carbohydrates into fat. This in turn lead to less storage of fat in the body and to more of the fat reserves being burned away. A better balanced blood sugar level can also reduce the craving for sugar.